Ben Menkes

Social Media Coordinator

Introducing FICEBO’s new social media plan

Social media plays an integral part in the promotion and dissemination of research. From academic journal reviews and critiques to project summaries in Twitter threads and Instagram reels, social media platforms offer tangible and easily accessible methods of keeping the current audience in the loop as well as expanding it. Therefore, we felt the need to reinvigorate our online presence, and will be receiving help from Ben Menkes to optimise our website and social media platforms. Here’s a short introduction:

Who are you?

I’m Ben, a 30-year-old New Zealander, currently in my seventh year of living in Finland.

How did you become involved with FICEBO?

I’ve been working as a freelance writer and editor for over three years. When I met Teppo at a pub quiz a few months ago, we discussed our respective fields of work and the ever-increasing role that social media plays in all kinds of organisations, even academia. I believe FICEBO is doing incredibly important work in challenging the status quo present in medicine, so I jumped at the chance to get involved. Funnily enough, the placebo effect (specifically “sham surgeries”) was one of the most intriguing subjects during my time studying psychology at university, so having access to the FICEBO researchers carrying out this work and helping them improve the reach of their studies is a great opportunity.

Why did you decide to enter your field?

I’ve been an avid reader and writer for as long as I can remember. I worked at my local newspaper while studying at the University of Otago in New Zealand, and my more recent work as a freelancer has introduced me to projects ranging from PhD theses to financial reports to restaurant menus. I’ve always enjoyed academic work the most – I love getting involved in a topic and learning as much as I can, making a research paper or journal article the best it can be.

Some of the highlights of FICEBO’s new social media plan:

  • A monthly newsletter highlighting project advances and showcasing a new FICEBO researcher each publication
  • Frequent posts on FICEBO’s Twitter and Facebook accounts highlighting new research and reiterating previous projects

Stay tuned for a new and improved FICEBO website in 2024!