Placebo-surgery controlled trials lie at the heart of FICEBO activities with three ongoing projects and a few more in the pipeline. But FICEBO is not only placebo-surgery – we also have a number of other projects aiming to tackle various pressing issues on the care of people with musculoskeletal problems.


The BioFACTS study is a prospective multinational, multi-centre study involving patients with tibial fractures. The project was designed by Ass. Prof. Jörg Shilcher at the Linköping University hospital and started recruiting in 2019. After expanding to several hospitals in Sweden, it arrived at the rough shores of Finland in the early 2020 with the first patient being recruited in January 2021.


FACADE is prospective, randomised non-inferiority trial comparing traditional overnight hospital surveillance to discharge on the day of the surgery in patients who have undergone anterior cervical decompression and fusion.


FIDELITY is a randomized, placebo-surgery controlled trial comparing arthroscopic partial meniscectomy with diagnostic arthroscopy, a placebo surgical comparator, in patients with degenerative meniscus tear.


FIMAGE is a study on the prevalence of abnormal imaging findings of the shoulder and their concordance to symptoms in the general population.


FIMPACT is a randomized, placebo-surgery controlled trial comparing subacromial decompression surgery against diagnostic arthroscopy, a placebo surgical comparator, in patients with shoulder impingement.


FinDisc is a multicenter, randomized, placebo-surgery controlled trial assessing the efficacy of microdiscectomy in patients with persistent pain due to lumbar disc herniation.


FINDOME focuses on the secondary prevention of domestic violence.


Finnish study of intraoperative irrigation versus drain alone after evacuation of chronic subdural haematoma (FINISH) is a prospective, nationwide, randomized, controlled, multicentre trial to assess the role of intraoperative irrigation in the operative treatment of chronic subdural haematomas.


FINTASY is an ongoing multi-centre randomized controlled trial carried out in four hand surgery departments in Finland.


FIRST trial is a randomized, multinational trial evaluating the efficacy of surgical treatment in patients diagnosed with femoroacetabular impingement (FAI).


FISCAL is a FICEBO-led international collaborative initiative to enhance the generation of trustworthy scientific information, and consequently, to produce improved and more sustainable healthcare.


FISH is a randomized controlled trial comparing surgical treatment with plate fixation and non-surgical treatment with functional bracing in patients with humeral shaft fracture.


Finnish Patient-Reported Outcomes Initiative for Shoulder and Elbow (φ- PROMISE), ‘Phi-PROMISE’