Henrik Mattila

M.D., Orthopaedic surgeon, PhD student

Who are you?

I’m a father of a baby boy, husband and an orthopaedic surgeon in Töölö University Hospital here in Helsinki.

What is your role in FICEBO?

I’m pursuing my PhD thesis in the FISH-project with Simo Taimela and Lasse Rämö. I’m concentrating on the Cost-effectiveness, complications and treatment algorithms of humeral shaft fractures in adult population.

Favorite part of your job?

I love the practical nature of orthopaedics. The research is a unique way to deepen the knowledge and obtain the latest information. I believe that all of our decisions must eventually be based, at least to some extent, on research.

Why did you decide to enter your field?

I’m at my best when having hands on activities. Surgery is nervous and very rewarding sometimes at the same time. Success is sweet, but I remember the failures best, because they teach me humility.

Who/What inspires you?

Both my parents are medical doctors and have showed me what it is to help people. That has been and still is my inspiration.

The most interesting article you’ve read recently?

A study, in which researchers measured soft tissue swelling in lower extremity fractures with US and tried to find an optimal timing for surgery.
Correlation of Soft Tissue Swelling and Timing to Surgery With Acute Wound Complications for Operatively Treated Ankle and Other Lower Extremity Fractures. Riedel, M.D., et al, Foot & Ankle International 2019.