Joint Action podcast

Teppo Järvinen appears in a podcast called Joint Action, discussing whether middle-aged people need or don’t need a knee scope!

Joint Action is a podcast hosted by professor David Hunter or ‘El Patron’, as David is known to people that work with him (It is just a nickname that does not do justice to David, as he is an amazingly kind and genuine human being)! David is one of the indisputable leading figures in the field of osteoarthritis.

Prompted by a true need for unbiased information for lay public, David has founded a web page coined Joint Action and hosts a podcast to minimize burden and disability associated with osteoarthritis and enhance the patients’ knowledge of how to manage the disease. David interviews the world’s leading experts in osteoarthritis.

In this week’s edition, David interviews FICEBO Head, Teppo Järvinen, together with professor Christopher Vertullo, who is a specialist orthopaedic knee surgeon and the current President of the Australian Knee Society, Chair of the AOA Youth Sport Injury Prevention Working Group and an Adjunct Professor at Griffith University. Dr. Vertullo is currently listed amongst the top 100 orthopedic influencers in the world.

On the episode, we discussed what is a knee arthroscopy, the evidence for knee arthroscopy in osteoarthritis and meniscal tears and much more.