Thomas Ibounig

MD, Orthopaedic surgeon

Who are you?
Father of three lively boys
Shoulder and Elbow surgeon at the Helsinki University Hospital

What is your role in FICEBO?
Clinical researcher, doing my PhD on the FIMAGE study

Favorite part of your job?
Interacting with colleagues and patients

Why did you decide to enter your field?
Clinical work: I just always knew it back from my middle school days, never really thought about it
Research: To get a wider perspective and more detailed view of things

Who/What inspires you?
People who do the right thing no matter the cost.
My kids. Society has (not yet) succeeded in spoiling their ability to be their true self and live the moment with such admirably intensity (equally true for good and bad ones).

Your favorite book and why?
Lord of the Rings
The Wheel of Time
The Power of Now. Gives you a glimpse of understanding how human minds might work (or prevent themselves from working sometimes).