Karin Sallmén

Physiotherapist, Clinical research physiotherapist

Role in FICEBO:

Clinical research physiotherapist in FIMAGE-study

Who are you?

I am a physiotherapist, working currently in private hospital. I’m specialized in musculoskeletal and postoperative physiotherapy. Outside work, I’m quite into sports. I’ve been playing football since the age of six and I still enjoy doing it on a weekly basis, as well as lifting weights or going for a run.

Favorite part of your job?

When I manage to increase patients’ understanding and control of their situation and they leave the room less worried than they enter it. Of course, helping people to get back doing things that are meaningful to them. I also enjoy the self-reflection and multiprofessional cooperation, which are needed for improving patient care.

Why did you decide to enter your field?

During my teenage years, as a young football player, I realized that I want to help athletes who were struggling on a sideline with an injury, as I could easily relate to their frustration from not being able to play. Physiotherapy seemed to me to answer to that purpose.

Who/What inspires you?

Professionally, people who stay curious and openminded and are willing to improve. In general, people who support each other’s and treat others with respect.

Your favorite book and why?

It is difficult to choose just one, but I read Think Again by Adam Grant a while ago and liked the way it expanded my thinking. I also enjoyed Andre Agassi’s biography. His quite unusual story behind his success and his way of describing the mental side of being a professional athlete were really entertaining to read.