FICEBO presenting at The Finnish-Austrian Orthopaedic Trauma Course

XXII Finnish-Austrian Orthopaedic Trauma Course in full swing

FICEBO was represented by Thomas, Saara and Karin  at the XXII Finnish-Austrian Orthopaedic Trauma Course, held in Zürs am Arlberg, Austria between the  16th and 20th of January,. Alongside a strong delegation from Finland, attendees hailed from Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, and Great Britain. The program encompassed a broad spectrum of topics, including upper and lower limb surgery, trauma and joint replacement, as well as guest lectures on plastic and pediatric surgery. Additionally, attendees were treated to a fascinating talk on the role of physicians at the Olympic Games, along with a presentation (and some lively debates afterwards) regarding women in orthopaedics. Several days before the course, Thomas had the opportunity to meet and conduct research sessions with his friend and colleague Professor Jörg Schilcher from Linköping University Hospital. Fittingly, Thomas and Jörg planned the next stages of the BioFACTS study at the same meeting where their initial cooperation began five years ago.

Thomas battling with Florian Grubhofer

All three FICEBO members made valuable contributions to the scientific program with their individual presentations. Thomas opened the course with a “mini-battle” against his compatriot, University Hospital Zürich’s Florian Grubhofer, discussing the “Swiss way” (surgical) versus the “Finnish way” (non-surgical) of treating rotator cuff tears. Karin enlightened orthopaedic practitioners on postoperative rehabilitation following proximal hamstring repairs, while Saara delivered an insightful presentation titled Towards more patient-centered and value-based assessment in musculoskeletal health care – What to assess in the clinic. Throughout the course, the scientific program maintained a high standard, complemented by the exceptional venue and the breathtaking scenery of the Austrian Alps.

Thomas and Jörg cleaning the head and pipes after some intense research meetings

As always, one of the standout features of the course was the continuous learning experience that extended far beyond the presentations, with engaging discussions among participants in a laid-back atmosphere. Additionally, a highlight for us competitive Finns was the traditional “Bonehead competition,” a thrilling skiing and tobogganing race, which, this year, thankfully concluded without any injuries. Moreover, on the final day, we had the opportunity to relish the stunning slopes of the Zürs am Arlberg ski area. After several exhilarating hours on the snow, we unwound in the spa before indulging in traditional Austrian cuisine at the dinner table, surrounded by great company. Our heartfelt thanks to the organising committee and all participants for making these four days truly memorable!