Vilma summits the Med School

Thrilled to announce finishing my thesis and graduation from med school thanks to the amazing FICEBO research team!  

On the day of my graduation, I decided to climb Mount Agung, the highest volcano in Bali.

Sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears were needed to complete med school, but this time no tears were shed!

Reflecting on this journey, writing my thesis felt akin to ascending a mountain – daunting at times, filled with unexpected challenges, but ultimately incredibly rewarding. 

The camaraderie within our research group was like having a team of experienced climbers by my side. Each mentor and peer played a vital role, providing support, guidance, and motivation throughout this climb, especially on the last stretch with challenging deadlines. 

I am beyond grateful for the collaborative spirit and encouragement that defined our collective ascent. Today, I proudly stand at the peak, a med school graduate, ready for the second summit, getting the paper published.  

Thank you, FICEBO, for being my guides on this intellectual adventure!