FICEBO well represented at the ICSES 2023 (International Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery) in Rome

Several FICEBO members contributed to the scientific program of the 15th International Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery in Rome, Italy. In addition to great lectures (and Italian pizza), the conference was a perfect opportunity to connect with our international research partners and discuss ongoing and future research projects.

FICEBO delegation (from left to right): Thomas Ibounig, Robert Björkenheim, Lasse Rämö, Teemu Karjalainen

As a result of our numerous upper limb related projects, we had a record of 5 posters accepted for ”the event of the year” for shoulder and elbow surgeons. In addition to presenting results from our FISH and SCRUTINY projects, we also gave a sneak peak at our upcoming FIMAGE study by giving outlines of the study protocol.

The titles of all FICEBO posters still fit on one page (barely) – Will this still be the case at the next meeting in Vancouver 2026?

The highlight of this year’s scientific programme was – in our unbiased view – the session chaired by our dear friend and colleague Ville Äärimaa from Turku. He had gathered some of the most esteemed researchers in the field of shoulder and elbow surgery to discuss about the dubious topic ”It’s not only surgery time”. In particular Teemu’s lecture ”What do we know about the efficacy of muskuloskeletal surgery?” was a real eye-opener and explained why sacrifices seemed to work in ancient and modern times.

Ville Äärimaa chairing the ”It’s not only surgery time..” session.
Teemu showing us how the sacrifice of humans – or their body parts (such as small pieces of bone of the acromion) – seemed to be quite effective.

In addition to a lot of learning, discussions, and scientific evidence (or the lack of it), we also had the chance to visit some of Rome’s many attractions:

St. Peter’s Basilica: breath-taking
Pantheon, once an ancient Roman temple, nowadays still in use by the Catholic Church.
Colosseum: Built in just 8 years from 72AD to 80AD, it could seat up to 80.000 people. Incredible!

Thank you bella Italia for this great meeting, ICSES will be back in 2026 in Vancouver, and so will we!

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