Kari Kanto

MD, Orthopaedic surgeon, PhD

Who are you?
I am a consultant orthopaedic and trauma surgeon who specializes in shoulder surgery at the Pihlajalinna and Mehilainen hospitals situated in Tampere, Finlan.

What is your role in FICEBO?
I am a clinical researcher, doing my PhD on the FIMPACT study. I am also involved in the FIMAGE and the FIDELITY projects. Among the heavy weight researchers in the FICEBO group, my role in the group is mostly to provide clinical insights and help shape the various orthopaedic research topics we are working on

Favorite part of your job?
When working with experienced researchers, there is a continual possibility of learning something new every single day.

Why did you decide to enter your field?
In my clinical practice, I noticed that there was sometimes discrepancies between scientific evidence and current clinical practices and those fascinated me. Besides that, I have been a shoulder surgeon for over 15 years now, so I guess I needed new challenges as well.

Who/What inspires you?
I am inspired by the people around me, my family, friends and colleagues.

The most interesting article you’ve read this year?
This one is interesting: Rangan A, Brealey SD, Keding A, Corbacho B, Northgraves M, Kottam L, et al. Management of adults with primary frozen shoulder in secondary care (UK FROST): a multicentre, pragmatic, three-arm, superiority randomised clinical trial. The Lancet. 2020;396(10256):977.
I think this study is a good example of how common situation like frozen shoulder, a self-limiting condition that has different stages, should be investigated. The researchers used a pragmatic trial design and wide clinician involvement to ensure that the study setting resamples the normal setting in patient care thus ensuring the applicability and generalisability of study findings.