FIN-TASTIC… we are finally on our way with the FINTASY trial!

After almost a year of waiting for the COVID to loosen its grip on Finland, we were finally allowed to launch our 4th placebo-surgery controlled trial, the FINTASY.

Osteoarthritis of the thumb basal joint (CMC1) is a common problem affecting hand function in daily activities. The FINTASY trial investigators set out to assess the efficacy of surgery for this complaint in a blinded, placebo-surgery controlled study design.

Jarkko Jokihaara, the PI of the FINTASY trial, getting ready to recruit the first patients from Tampere to the FINTASY trial

The study will be conducted in the Hand surgery units of the Tampere University Hospital (Tays), the Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), the Central Finland Central Hospital (Jyväskylä), and the Kuopio University Hospital (KYS). We have just started participant recruitment.

The FINTASY Helsinki Team – Dr. Susanna Stjernberg-Salmela (left), research coordinator Leena Caravitis (center) and Dr. Eero Waris (right), got the honor of getting the FINTASY trial started by recruiting the first participants.

The participants will be followed up for five years and the first results are expected to be available in about 3 years.

FINTASY is also our first trial which uses REDCap platform for data collection and randomization. Our preliminary experience with it has been positive, but system development has required efforts from our team. Research coordinator Kati Jaatinen has successfully worked with the centrally coordinated trial and will continue as an instructor and admin for the data collection.

Research coordinator Kati Jaatinen has a remarkable role with standardized data collection for the trial.

To the best of our knowledge, FINTASY is the first ever placebo-surgery controlled hand surgical trial in the world.