Osteoarthritis in 2020 and beyond: a Lancet Commission

The Lancet has relatively recently launched a series called ‘Commissions’, a 2-3 year project that involves a team of 20-30 world-leading scientists to produce a cutting-edge statement on a particular topic.

What is a Lancet Commission?

We are thrilled that The Lancet has handed its’ megaphone to the OA researches: Finally, those largely ignored – patients with OA-induced joint pain and disability – are given a voice that has been long overdue!

FICEBO’s Teppo Järvinen is proud to be part of this amazing OA Commission group, co-chaired by Professors David Hunter and Lyn March from the University of Sydney. 

To learn more about the OA Commission:


And to browse through the topics of already-published The Lancet Commissions: