FISH, a fishing expedition or an ambitious new research project?

Many of our FICEBO members are eager leisure-time fishermen – some even occasionally catch a fish or two – so it was not a huge surprise that eventually, one of our projects would be coined FISH.

FISH is the latest addition to our portfolio, but although it is a new trial to us, it is not a new trial in the true meaning of the word “new”. In fact, the trial was started already in 2012 by its’ PI Lasse Rämö and one of the FICEBO founding fathers, Dr. Mika Paavola. A number of FICEBO members were involved very early on in this project and this collaboration slowly matured to the point where Lasse wanted to make the collaboration formal.

Given the strict eligibility criteria to become a full member in the MC FICEBO, we first gave Lasse and his unnamed project only a prospect status. Lasse soon proved all of us that he was well worthy of full membership and we have now had the privilege of working with this fine gentleman for almost a year.

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